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Tried and Tested Techniques of Incubation Hatching

You need to know certain important things about incubation hatching, such as the right temperatures and environmental conditions suited to the eggs of the species of bird that you’re hatching. Yes, while poultry farming is generally taken to refer to chickens, the simple fact is that it can refer to other kinds of birds as well, including ducks and geese and other types of fowl. Remember that each kind of fowl will require different conditions when storing and incubating the eggs, so make sure that you take […]

Resources in Incubation Hatching for the Aspiring Poultry Keeper

Poultry keeping is both a science and a passion, and the way to truly make a success of it is to learn as much as you can about it, and about incubation hatching in particular. The successful poultry keeper is a careful blend of knowledge and experience, and as your experience grows, so too must your knowledge base. Fortunately, in today’s world this isn’t a problem at all, what with the vast resources in information that the internet places at your disposal. The fact that so much […]

Important Points That Ensure Success in Incubation Hatching

There are some things that absolutely must be done when you try your hand at incubation hatching. Incubating hatchings requires a vast attention to detail, and it all starts with the selection of the eggs themselves. Choosing eggs for incubating and hatching is a skill in itself. If you are a regular breeder, you might do as most others do and set your entire stock of laid eggs for incubation. On the other hand, if you don’t have too many incubators, or if space is a serious […]

Dos And Dont’s of Incubation Hatching

Incubation hatching can be a very profitable business, of course, yet it also depends on not experiencing too many losses, and this in a business where losses can be the order of the day, experienced in a moment of carelessness. There are so many things that can go wrong in the process of incubation hatching. If temperatures vary too much inside the incubator, it may result in a low percentage of successful hatchings. Or if you haven’t got everything in readiness for your hatched chicks, that can […]